This photo was taken by me in downtown Toronto last week. The quotation I chose really spoke to me, and I hope you feel the same way. Too many people have their priorities set backwards: they dream and believe, but acting and planning is more important [or more emphasized] than anything. Why aren’t dreaming and believing as highly viewed in our society? Beats me! In my opinion, it’s something that as adults we don’t do enough of anymore. Remember when you were a kid? What did you want to accomplish or become? I wanted to be a Nobel Prize-winning genetic engineer or cardiovascular surgeon. I wanted to change the world somehow. Nowadays, people just roll their eyes when you speak of grand ideas. I just don’t understand when everything changed. We didn’t become realistic, we became pessimistic and lazy.

It’s not too late to turn things around, though. Do you like what you’re doing? Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished? If not, then maybe you should take a minute to dream. Dream big. Believe you can do anything. Pretend you’re 7 years old again and the world is your oyster.

Do not only act, but dream; do not only plan, but believe.